Rescuing One Cat after Another

Lost, abandoned, discarded, brought in as strays, 'orphaned' when their owners die, surrendered by those no longer able to care for them - that's how they come to be at Hamilton Animal Services (HAS).

These cats of all ages, from new born kittens to wise old felines, and of all breeds, domestic and exotic, most of them healthy, have this one thing in common  -  they're all homeless.

Hamilton Animal Services (HAS) is a high volume shelter operated by the City of Hamilton and it must take in each and every cat that arrives at its doors. Due to many factors, not the least of which is overpopulation, the number of cats arriving there is huge - every year it far exceeds capacity. It's not the only shelter in Ontario where beautiful cats are euthanized due to overcrowding but it is a shelter where the odds of getting out alive are particularly low.


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Hamilton Catsand kittens needing rescue

Obliged to take them all in through the front door but without the facilities to house and care for all of them nor the funding for an adoption service through which to move any out, HAS quickly becomes overcrowded. Rarely can it house a cat for long - sometimes it's only days.

These cats, waiting in their cages, rely entirely on the efforts of the concerned people working as volunteers for the organizations that, with the co-operation of HAS, are rescuing as many as possible.

Once rescued, they are taken to veterinarians for check-ups, any necessary treatments, and spay-neutering. And they are provided with temporary housing (a foster home or a no-kill shelter) where they are cared for and kept safe until they're adopted.

But these groups that rescue them also struggle with limited resources and have limited capacity. Moving the rescued cats on as quickly as possible into loving, permanent homes is crucial. Whenever someone comes forward to adopt, it means a happy ending/new beginning for the cat who now has a home and it opens a space for another cat to be rescued.

Hoping to be adopted

Rescue Hamilton Cats (RHC) has three goals:

One cat, another cat, one after another -  saving their lives, finding them homes, that's what RHC is all about.