Rescuing One Cat after Another

Abandoned, discarded, sick, born "on the street", lost, or "orphaned" when owner/parent dies (or can no longer look after them) - these cats of all ages, from new born kittens to wise old felines, rely on people to take an interest in them and in their welfare.

Many people in Hamilton do care about them.

When Rescue Hamilton Cats (RHC) began (in 2013), the focus was on what was happening to cats inside Hamilton Animal Services (HAS). Efforts to curb intake to the city-run shelter have resulted in a steady decline in admissions and, predictably, this has led to a drop in the euthanized rate. With improved conditions and the on-going commitment of HBSPCA (and other donor-funded groups) to rescue from there, our focus has been broadening. 


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Rescue Cats in Hamilton


In Hamilton, as in other municipalities where there is a large population of vulnerable cats and kittens, there's clearly no single solution. No one can possibly have the resources to meet all the needs. Helping cats requires an array of services and a co-operative effort.




It relies on the dedication of the smaller, volunteer-operated groups that are doing much of the "hands-on", "grass-roots" rescue work. And it depends on the active involvement of responsible owners, colony caregivers, adopters, veterinarians - and every individual who acts constructively to avert a tragedy. 


When rescue stories end happily, more often than not, it's because someone who cares has played some crucial role. 

RHC is a network of informed and concerned citizens who focus their time and attention on what the cats need, what is best for them, and on being up-to-date on local services - and how to access them.

Hoping to be adopted


Rescue Hamilton Cats (RHC) has two objectives:


One cat, another cat, one after another -  saving their lives, finding them homes -
that's what RHC is all about.