Rescuing and adopting cats in Hamilton

How (and Why) Do I Get My Cat "Fixed"?

Spaying (of female cats) and Neutering (of male cats) isn't a luxury; it's a necessity - something that every cat owner needs to get done because:

An unfixed female can have up to three litters a year. Spaying means:
               - no more worries about kittens
               - no more frantic behaviours and yowling sounds of a cat in heat
               - reduced risk of injury, contagious disease, infections and some cancers
               - a cat less controlled by hormones and easier to live with.

An unfixed male can father countless litters. Neutering means:
               - no more mating and getting females pregnant
               - far less chance of getting into vicious fights with other males
               - a good chance of eliminating the spraying that marks territory
               - reduced risk of injuries, contagious diseases, infections and some cancers
               - a cat less inclined to be aggressive or roam and easier to live with.

Males as young as 8 weeks can be neutered and it's best to get females spayed before they go into heat (which happens at 4-5 months). As a rule of thumb - the sooner the better; so, don't put it off. If you already have a veterinarian, call them. If you don't, check out clinics in your area.

Along with the every-day basics like food and litter, vet care is one of the costs of having, and loving, a cat. It’s always wise to have a vet you trust to do what’s best for your cat should a health problem arise. And virtually everyone who calls a clinic (about spay/neuter or any needed service) wants to know what it costs and what’s involved; clinics are used to people asking for quotes. So, when making these calls, never hesitate to ask the price, what that includes and whether there would be additional costs for other things like vaccines and rabies shots. Also see about getting your cat microchipped as it can be more economical to get it done at the same time. (A microchip is the best guarantee that, should your cat ever get lost, s/he will make it back home safely.)

If coming up with the money is an issue (and, yes, spay/neuter can be pricey), it’s worth checking around. Prices vary from clinic to clinic. Some clinics offer payment plans, discounted rates for seniors, students, and clients on fixed incomes, and sometimes a clinic will be offering a "Special."

If the quotes you get are beyond what you can afford, there is a low-income spay/neuter program in Hamilton. It's run by the HBSPCA and the price for both males and females is only $75 total (no tax). It includes, along with the spay/neuter, a Rabies vaccine, FVRCP vaccine, Revolution treatment (for heart-worm & fleas), microchip, and a nail trim. The application process is quick and easy and the wait time usually isn't long. Visit this link for the information:

It's really important to get this done. Remember that, when you get your cat "fixed", it's not only you and your cat who'll benefit but also all the other cats in your household, in your neighbourhood and throughout the City of Hamilton.