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Now 6 years old, Finnigan had been living happily with a kind lady who, over the years, had taken in many desperate strays. When, sadly, she became very ill and no longer able to care for her cats, her family set about finding him and all his buddies new homes. And they turned for help to some great rescue groups. Finnegan and his best friend, Frankie (who is a stunning Siamese/snow show/Burmese mix), are in the care of Abandoned Cats Rescue (ACR). They want to remain together and are waiting now for an adopter who will give them their 2nd chance at happiness. To learn more about them contact ACR at 647-866-8988 or email them at
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ADOPTION is a special event.

For the adopter, it means welcoming into the family a charming, entertaining, purring addition; one who will be happy to settle in for the rest of his or her 9 lives.

For that cat, it means "Jackpot!" - "I've won the big prize; finally I'm HOME!"

And for another cat anxiously waiting to be rescued, it's a big moment too! It means "Yay" - "Now I'll get my chance!"

Having a loving forever home is what every rescued cat dreams of and it's only when a rescued cat gets adopted that a space opens up and another cat can get rescued.

ADOPTION is what keeps the whole rescue effort moving.

Few people realize what a huge, often dramatic, effort is being made to rescue cats in this city. Or what it means to these cats to be taken from the streets, from hoarding situations, from a cage at HAS and given the chance for a better life.

The Featured Cat on this page is just one of many cats and kittens who is grateful for having been saved and waiting now for someone special to come along. Maybe this is THE cat for you. Or maybe it's another cat in the care of this, or another, hardworking group dedicated to rescuing, nursing back to health, and finding forever homes for Hamilton cats.

ADOPTING from one of the groups listed below is a heartwarming way to play a central role in the rescue of Hamilton cats.

LadyBird Cat Adoption

Ladybird Animal Sanctuary (LAS), established in 2012, rescues only from inside city-run shelters and, being Hamilton based, is strongly committed to rescuing from HAS. The cats they accept into their care are often those at highest risk of being euthanized and frequently it requires expensive surgeries and treatments, as well as months of loving foster home care, to pull them through. The cats LAS puts up for adoption are fully recovered and eager to live life to the full. They're survivors with some pretty remarkable stories to tell.

LadyBird Cat Adoption

Abandoned Cats Rescue (ACR) with the slogan "Save a Life! Adopt an Abandoned Cat!", has for over a decade been responding to requests from the public to help a stray, discarded, or suffering cat as well to pleas to rescue ones that have landed inside HAS. With a soft spot for them all - from elderly seniors whose owners have died to pregnant girls rescued from the streets, ACR provides for all their medical (and emotional) needs and, and when they're ready, seeks out adopters who are will to give them their well deserved chance to "live happily ever after."

Neveah's Charity

Neveah's Charity of West Lincoln (NCWL), since 2012, has been responding to urgent calls to take cats from inside HAS as well as from outside - on the streets, hoarding situations, or tragic circumstances. Each cat taken into their care receives all the help he or she needs to recover from whatever they've been through and to find a permanent home where they'll be safe and loved. Rescue stories and feedback from adopters (on Facebook) suggests that what the NCLW volunteers do works for the cats & kittens - and for adopters too.

Pride Rescue

Pride Rescue has, since 2002 served the cats of Hamilton. With the motto: "Let's work together to save more lives!" Pride volunteers have been helping street cats find a better life, rescuing strays from outside (and inside) HAS and giving surrendered owned cats their 2nd chance. Understanding the unique needs of each cat, they work tirelessly to prepare cats from every background for a new beginning (and a better life) with a loving owner or devoted caregiver.

Hamilton Burlington SPCA (HBSPCA) runs a busy adoption program that offers a 2nd chance to a large proportion of the strays that land at HAS, as well as to formerly owned cats whose owners can no longer care for them and to others rescued in cruelty investigations. Medical care is provided through their companion animal hospital and, when ready to move on, these cats are posted on the HBSPCA site. A "meet your match" approach assists adopters to find that special cat - the right one for them.

PantryFourPaws is best known for the emergency help with food and litter they provide to pet lovers who have hit tough times. These desperately needed supplies allow owners to continue caring for their cats and to keep them safe at homes as "part of the family." What people are less aware of is the work PantryFourPaws is doing to find loving homes for cats and kittens rescued from the streets of downtown Hamilton. Adopting from PantryFourPaws means opening your heart, and your door, to a grateful lifelong companion. And it's a great way to contribute to reducing cat homelessness in Hamilton!

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