Finding Lost Cats and Kittens

Losing a cat is something every pet owner dreads. To find your cat what you need to do is


Start searching immediately. One mistake too many of us make is to wait - hoping our cat will come back in a few hours or maybe ”in the morning.” Don't sit anxiously wringing your hands trying to convince yourself "everything will be OK." Start searching right away and be sure to look under porches, in locked sheds & garages, ask neighbours to help, go door to door, post signs in the area, start calling vet offices, and check notices on posts, in pet food stores and in newspapers.

Don’t forget to check at Hamilton Animal Service (HAS). If your pet has landed there - picked up as "a stray" or found injured on the road - it's urgent that you get up there quickly. The best thing to do is go to the Shelter (within office hours) and return as often as you can (daily if possible) to check personally to see if your cat's there. Do not delay because the reality is that after 72 hours, any cat not reclaimed might be gone - if lucky, taken out by a rescue group to eventually get settled in a new home, or, if unlucky, euthanized. Yes - some cats do remain there much longer than a few days but for most it's a brief stay. It's not worth the gamble of losing your cat forever - and never knowing what happened. The shelter is located at 247 Dartnall Road Hamilton ON L8W 3V9 (at the side of the SPCA building). Information about hours, what you'll need to bring, what to expect and how to reclaim your cat is posted at


AND, from the moment your pet goes missing till you have him or her safely back home, be sure to make effective use of

It's FREE and IT WORKS; so, right away, list your pet there as LOST and get into the habit of checking back to see if anyone reports your cat as FOUND.

AND, because it's the site HAS now uses to post animals at the Shelter (as well as those picked up as cadavers), it's really important to keep a close eye on their list at:

Cats are entered in the system soon after arrival HAS and that info is kept updated until the cat is transferred out which could be as soon as 72 hrs. So, check frequently &, if you see a cat online that might be yours, race up there - carrying case in hand.

And remember that, if your pet is microchipped, you should immediately make sure your contact info is up-to-date and notify your microchip company of any changes. HAS checks for ID and scans all strays (alive or deceased) for a microchip and contacts the owner. Current ID is the best way to ensure that your cat, if he or she gets lost, will be found. Far too often that info is out-of-date and that cat joins the ranks of "the unclaimed strays."

Don't let that happen to your cat. For some helpful tips on searching see: