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August 2017 Fairen (above) and her brother Fabian (below) are "the miracle kids." When rescued by PantryFourPaws at 5 months, they were in terrible shape. Poor Fairen, weighing less than a 6 wk. old kitten, had such a severe upper resp infection that she was blind and barely breathing. The vet hadn't expected her to live the night.

But she did! And so did her brother! Now healthy young adults, these two are devoted to each other and ready to start a new life together. To read their inspiring survival story, learn more about them, and find out how to adopt this perfect pair, check ">here
July 2017 HAS (the city-run shelter/pound) is the last resort option; the poor souls who end up there often arrive in rough shape. This little kitten was one of 10 cats rescued from HAS in the last week of June by Neveah's Charity of West Lincoln (NCWL). His name is Frosted Flake and his eyes, looking so sad in this picture, are clearer and much brighter now. He's playful, happy and hopeful - looking forward to a fresh start on life in a loving home.

NCWL's dedicated volunteers are working constantly to help felines like Frosted Flake. Dozens of rescued cats & kittens, of all ages & all colours - are waiting right now for their chance at a new beginning. To learn more about them, follow their stories, and find out how to adopt from NCWL check here.

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June 2017 When her owner moved out, Maxi was left behind to fend for herself in the underground garage of the apartment building. She was terrified! Luckily for her, another resident made it his mission to rescue her. For weeks, he went down to the garage daily with food and water and also reached out to local rescues for advice and help. When this pic was taken (on May 9) he had just managed to get her into a live trap and already she was starting to look calmer. That day he transported her to a foster home where she recovered from her ordeal.

Maxi is a beautiful cat and she's now at HBSPCA - ready and eager to become someone's loving pet If you'd like to check out the entire list of amazing cats currently available for adoption at HBSPCA, here's the link.
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May 2017 When Juniper arrived at HAS as a stray, the poor girl was pregnant. Luckily for her she was rescued quickly by Ladybird Animal Sanctuary. On April 14, she gave birth to her four adorable kittens in the warmth and comfort of her foster home. She's a fantastic mom! To learn more about her, and to keep posted on how the little family is doing check here

If you might be wanting to adopt some time later this spring these kittens (and Juniper too!) will be needing their forever homes. The kittens will make wonderful pets and so will Juniper - she's sweet and pretty and only 2 years old!

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April 2017 Sam was born in 2008 and adopted as a kitten. When his owner sadly passed away, a kind family member brought Sam into their home. Sam, who is a relaxed, outgoing guy and friendly with both people and other animals (including dogs) would have happily settled in. But the resident cat, Zach, refused to accept him and declared war. It became clear that this was never going to work out so his new owners sought help from Abandoned Cats Rescue (ACR) to re-home Sam.

If you might be able to give Sam the loving/caring forever home he deserves, you'll find more about him here. ACR offers a 2nd chance to a large number of Hamilton cats and kittens and is a great organization to adopt from. If you or anyone you know is looking to adopt, you can check out all of their currently adoptable rescues.

March 2017 Rescued last summer by Pride Rescue as a tiny and terrified feral kitten, LeMieux, has been transformed into a sleek, gorgeous mini-Panther who loves lap time, snuggles, belly rubs and catnip toys.

Still a bit shy and insecure, she needs a patient owner/companion who can give her a little time and encouragement as she settles in. Nine months old, she's mild mannered, well behaved and ready and eager to enjoy the comforts of her very own forever home and to bond with very own special person.
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February 2017 Chili is one of over 450 cats rescued last year from the streets of Hamilton by PantryFourPaws.

When found, Chili's mouth was full of kicked-in teeth, she was malnourished, suffering and exhausted. Major dental work was done on her and she was spayed just in time to remove huge cysts (on her "lady parts") before they burst. She rested, recovered, gained her weight back, relaxed and learned to trust humans again.

If you want to look into offering a loving home to her, or to any of the amazing cat currently available for adoption through PantryFourPaws, contact Mary

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January 2017
This sweet girl, now named Curcat, was rescued on Dec. 22 from HAS. Her cauliflower ear has since been cleaned, sores on her back are being treated with antibiotic cream and, when she's stronger, she'll be returning to the vet for dental work. She celebrated New Year's receiving TLC from her foster parents and purring the praises of NCWL the great local rescue that saved her life and the lives of so many other Hamilton cats in 2016.

Curcat is looking forward to a bright and happy 2017 and will be available for adoption soon. Click to follow her story and the stories of other NCWL cats on their Facebook. .

Nov/Dec 2016

 arrived at HBSPCA through the protection department on Sept 21st with her 6 tiny kittens. The family was quickly settled into a foster home where the kittens received treatment for eye infections, recovered well and thrived. All the kittens were adopted quickly.

Their grateful mom waited and waited for her chance to come and now she's been adopted too. Fancy is Home for Christmas! She's hoping that all her friends, still waiting for their chance for a festive new beginning, will also be in loving homes by Christmas.

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Sept./Oct. 2016

Sullivan (Sully)
This handsome 2yr. old was trapped as part of a TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) effort Pride Rescue was making to help cats living outdoors.

But this fellow didn't have a feral bone in his body. Sullivan is a sweet natured guy, quick to purr and eager to make friends. Clearly he'd once known the comforts of indoor life, found himself abandoned and had been struggling to survive outdoors. He's in a foster home now enjoying the bright windows, cat trees, cat nip and cat toys; he enjoys the company of other cats, has tons of love to give and wants a family to call his own.

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August 2016

When Forest, this handsome young fellow, arrived as a stray at HAS, he was urgently in need of a hernia repair. Despite the discomfort he must have experienced due to that huge hernia, he was super friendly even then. Donated money was used for the surgery and, after a few days recovering in his cage, he was transferred into the care of Ladybird Animal Sanctuary

His foster mom (with whom he's been living since July 5) describes him as the most affectionate cat she's ever met and says that he's wonderful with people - and super friendly with her cat and her dog too.

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July 2016

It's kitten season - the busiest time for all the rescues. Cloud's mom was a stray and very pregnant when Abandoned Cats Rescue found a foster home for her - just in time. He's one of the 4 adorable kittens she gave birth to and lovingly raised. His foster mom describes Cloud as a clever, laid-back kitten - a very friendly, social guy who "thinks he's a dog".
If he or one of his siblings or his lovely calico mom, Cleo, might be a good fit for your household, check here.

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June 2016

Opie - This gorgeous pure white Persian with a sweet disposition, lived happily for the first eight years of her life as the only pet of a devoted owner. Having lost her owner, she's in the care of Pride Rescue - waiting patiently for a new special person to offer her the chance to be their loving pampered princess.

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May 2016

This 1 year old had fallen from a balcony badly injuring her front leg. HBSPCA Protection Department quickly got her to their Companion Animal Hospital where it was determined that her leg had to be amputated.
She was immediately prepped for surgery, came through "with flying colours", and headed home with the veterinarian to recover for a couple of weeks.

Now perfectly healed and well adjusted to life on 3 legs, she's been given the all clear for adoption.

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April 2016

Jade was pregnant when she landed at HAS. Very scarred and very worried, she was oh so grateful when NCWL took her into their loving care. She got to relax, gave birth to 5 babies and was thrilled see them all grow into healthy kittens and get adopted into great homes.

But that was a long time ago, and Jade deserves the chance to move on with her life too. She's a charming girl full of personality. Talkative and entertaining, she dreams of being the only cat in a mature home. If she be might be the companion you're looking for, maybe you can make her dream come true.

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March 2016

Thanks to Pride Rescue, this calico cutie escaped a life of hardship on the streets and got to raise her 5 babies in the safety of a loving foster home. She was a great mother and all of her kittens quickly found their Forever Homes. But Aspen (who was rescued in the summer of 2015) is still patiently waiting for a special family of her own.

She recovered long-ago from her spay surgery and has happily adjusted to the joys of life indoors.
Now a lover of catnip, lap time, soft beds and bright sunny windows, Aspen promises to make a wonderful cuddle companion and Forever Friend!

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February 2016 Susie was a "trap cat", meaning that citizens had set a trap on their property, caught her and taken her to the shelter. She was very friendly, definitely not "feral," and staff noticed that this poor frightened young girl was favouring a back leg. A general check-over by a visiting vet, suggested it was broken and not healing well. She was given some pain meds and staff asked Ladybird to rescue her.

They took her straight from HAS to a vet for a complete examination. X-rays showed the severity of the break; the bones were starting to fuse together. It was "a mess" and the leg had to be amputated. After the surgery, she was moved to a foster home and nursed back to health. She's come through the entire ordeal "with flying colours" and doesn't let being on 3 legs slow her down one bit. Now Susie is eagerly waiting for someone to adopt her and love her forever.

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January 2016 Through no fault of her own, poor, sweet, very timid, little KAYLA was dumped at HAS. She's declawed and 10 years old and she was terrified.

Just before Christmas, when an urgent plea went out to please rescue some of the particularly vulnerable ones before the holiday, Kayla was on that list. Several rescue groups responded each taking as many as they possibly could. Kayla was among the 7 (mostly seniors) who were transferred into the care of Abandoned Cats Rescue

In her foster home, feeling safe and loved again, Kayla started dreaming of her new life in her own forever home. Her dream came true (almost overnight) when she became ACR's first adoption of 2016. Many others are still waiting.

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December 2015 My name is Marguerite! When I was rescued from HAS, I was painfully thin and quite unwell. I'd been through some awful experiences. But now, as you can see from my picture, I'm in great shape. The kind people who have  been looking after me tell me that I'm a very pretty girl who deserve to be pampered. When I was featured here way back in February I still had a few quirks but I'm over all those. I'd love to be "home for this Christmas" with my very own forever family. All I want for Christmas is a cosy home, lots of love and maybe some catnip pillows, balls with bells and toy mice.

November 2015 Quigley arrived as a stray; during his time at HAC, he became very ill with an upper respiratory virus and was so ill for a few days, he had to be force fed and have subQ fluids administered by HAC staff. He came through and is now in the care of Ladybird. He's 8 years old, never stops purring and head bonks everyone he meets. He has massive feet that are constantly kneading. He's the sweetest, most loving cat you'll ever meet. If you might want to adopt Quigley, he'd love to meet you.


October 2015 When Neveah's rescued him way in May of 2014, Gatsby was a scared, dirty, timid, shy little boy. It took a lot of time (and human kindness) to bring him round. Now, pretty relaxed around people and other cats, he's a handsome young man - and a real love bug! Gatsby's eager to find his forever home; he's been ready (and waiting) a very, very long time.
September 2015 Joseph was in a bad way when he arrived at HAS on June 30 and, had HBSPCA not responded to an urgent plea to take him, would have been euthanized. X-rays showed a pelvic fracture & ACL tear. The vet, hoping to avoid amputating his leg, prescribed pain meds, antibiotics (for his Upper Respiratory infection) and 6 weeks of complete cage/bed rest.

The treatment (combined with lots of TLC) worked and now this charming young fellow is ready to find his forever home and get on with his life.


August 2015 When she landed in a cage at HAS, Lucy was 10 years old (almost 60 in human years), she needed dental work and (believe it or not) she was pregnant. Luckily for her she was rescued by Abandoned Cats;so, her kittens were born and raised in the comfort of a foster home. The kittens are all adopted now and this senior mom has been spayed so finally "No more kittens!" and her dental work she is done. She's fixed and all fixed up and, while she did test positive for FIV, is feeling great and looking forward to a long, happy, healthy future.

Lucy is extremely friendly with lots of love to give. She's spending most days now perched on her cat tree gazing out the window waiting for that special person to come along.
August 2015 When Hyacinth and her brother Huckleberry arrived inside the City Shelter they were tiny and fragile - only 9 days olds. Without special care, they weren't going to survive. Staff there sent an urgent plea. Abandoned Cats Rescue responded and very quickly these desperate kittens were transferred to an amazing foster home. Hand raised, they received around-the-clock care, socializing and lots of play, belly rubs, naps and kisses. They thrived. Just look at them now! This perfect dynamic kitten duo is all set to live life to the fullest. They're sure to make some great family very happy.


July 2015 This family arrived at HAS sick and dirty. Luckily for them, they were transferred quickly to Ladybird Animal Sanctuary and Rena got to raise her kittens in the comfort of a loving foster home. The kittens are healthy and happy and getting adopted; their lovely young mom, who "purrs all the time," wants her forever home too.


July 2015 Mandy arrived at HAS in rough shape. She was sent directly to the vet. The injuries to her face were serious and clearly very painful. Quickly, she got transferred into the care of Ladybird Animal Sanctuary, underwent surgery (to remove damaged teeth and part of her jaw bone) and, with the help of her foster mom, is recovering nicely. This sweet, loving little kitten will soon be ready for a forever home; she deserves a "happily ever after" future.


June 2015 Sylvester was left homeless when his owner passed away. He's a Maine Coon mix - a neutered, fully vaccinated, and healthy senior (aged 11) with no medical needs. What this charming fellow, with such sweet, sad eyes, needs now is a new mature home where he's the only pet. Sylvester is ready and eager to resume his duties as loyal companion and resident lap-warmer. Pride Rescue wants to connect him with someone who'll enjoy his company - and give him the chance to love again. Link


May 2015 It's hard to imagine this pretty young ginger girl having landed, sick and desperate, in a cage at HAS. Like so many other cats rescued by Special Ones, she's fully recovered now, feeling great and looking forward to a pampered life. If you're considering adopting, maybe it's Juicy or one of her friends, you'll decide to invite into your home. Scroll through this list of gorgeous faces and see who steals your heart.


April 2015 Conway is one of a number of black cats the HBSPCA has transferred over from HAS. He's been getting out for a bit of exercise daily but was never keen on being caged. He was getting tired of watching others get adopted - weary of being left behind. So, we posted him as our Featured Cat and, when his special adopters came along and he landed the home of his dreams, we decided to keep him up as our Featured Cat for the rest of the month so that he could point potential adopters to this list of his friends who are still waiting at the Shelter


April 2015 Like every kitten, she wants to play with her toys and nap in the sunshine in her very own home. Because Checkers is a special needs kitten with a hereditary disorder, she's waiting for a very special adopter to come along. The people at HAS loved her and wanted her to get a chance and the people at HBSPCA, who gave her that chance, have been trying for over a month now to find her a home. If you're considering welcoming a sweet kitten into your home, don't pass her by. Her adopter will be fully informed about her disorder and what the commitment entails and amply rewarded by Checkers with endless gratitude. MORE INFO:


March 2015 This lovely young tortie named India came into HAS in January. She had been spayed and declawed and obviously hadn't been out on the streets for long. Clearly, she'd belonged to someone but she had no ID and her owners never came looking for her. So, like far too many lost cats, she became "a stray." Now in the care of a local rescue, what she needs is for someone to adopt her, love her forever and make sure that she never again becomes "lost among the strays."

February 2015 My name is Marguerite! When I was rescued from HAS, I was painfully thin and quite unwell. I'd been through some awful experiences. But now, as you can see from my picture, I'm in great shape. The kind people at who've been looking after me tell me that I'm a very pretty girl, that I deserve to be pampered and that I'm perfectly suited to becoming a lady's companion. I have my quirks; I'm terrified of men and nervous around children and animals so what I'm dreaming of is finding that one special person - someone willing to share their cosy home with just me - and some catnip pillows, balls with bells and toy mice.


January 2015 Benson & Meyer were the only two of the litter to survive a terrible virus they caught at HAS when they were born to a mother who was marked to be euthanized due to illness. Now healthy, neutered, and fully vaccinated, these brothers are seeking a home. The Rescue that saved them, knowing how much they love each other, wants them to remain together so a reduced fee of $200 applies for the pair. To learn more about them Click Here



December 2014 "Maybe Christmas, he thought... doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps... means a little bit more!" Maybe it means adopting Arica. She was rescued just hours before she was to be euthanized and what this green eyed 3 year old beauty wants now is a lifetime partner to cuddle up with by the fireplace. To learn more about her and the many other cats and kittens dreaming of a loving home this Christmas see Special Ones Cat Rescue .


November 2014 Houston waited 3 anxious months at HAS. Being black, 7 years old and needing some dental work, the odds that he'd make it out weren't good. But this mellow fellow with his beautiful Persian-like fur and gorgeous face kept purring and hoping. And, on Thanksgiving weekend, a sponsor offered a donation toward vet bills, a volunteer driver picked him up and he was transported (in a carrying case borrowed from HAS) into the loving arms of Karen at Special Ones Cat Rescue. Finally able to relax, he snuggled right in. Now he's up for adoption - purring and hoping again - this time for his very own forever home.


Houston to be adopted